Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand

  • 36 traditional style Lenormand cards fully rendered using an original 1910 tarot deck
  • Extra Man and Woman card to help in readings
  • Mini booklet containing the ‘creation story’ behind the finding of the deck
  • Limited to only 400 copies
  • Nominated for Outstanding Self Published Deck of the Year by The Academy of Cartomancy Arts & Science
The Story behind the deck:

“You go to the tarot if you want to learn your greater spiritual path. You go to the Lenormand to find out if she is sleeping with him and is it good sex.” -Rana George.

In June of 2009 I was leaning and studying the Lenormand style of reading with a third generation reader, Rana George. We would spend hours going over decks such as the Blue Owl and the Pietnic. Throwing cards and doing readings. I was learning how to put the pieces of this system together. Soon there were three of us as our friend and fellow tarot-holic Nicky Diamond joined in the days. It was out of this convergence of energies that Pixie came into being.

While we all loved the system of Lenormand, but coming to it from a tarot background I found the cards looked a little ‘precious’. Very flowery and in that Hallmark style art. It was the look of these cards that made me wait so long to start studying them. I’m a Rider Waite Smith kinda guy. I love this deck and collect different versions of it. Back on New Years of 2008 I won a 1910 Pam A on Ebay. (For an amount of money my husband just about fainted at.) I had been doing a restoration job on the artwork for some time. By this I mean that I was fixing the offset colors and cleaning up any dirt on the cards. It occurred to me that if the Lenormand had been drawn by Pixie then maybe they would be more appealing. My goal with this was to make a Lenormand that I would want to read with-one that would help me learn the cards’ meanings and subtleties as well as have a bit of that tarot mystery about them. What better way of doing this than with the tarot deck that is the base language for most of the decks of the last 100 years.

Starting with card 1 The Rider the deck was born. Using pieces from the 1910 and artwork that Pixie had done in several other children’s books the cards started to come together. Every line in the art was drawn by her, all be it maybe not all from the same picture. Placing in many images the modern and classic astrological associations gave the cards a more of a tarot feel to them while staying true to the style of Lenormand. Rana would let me know if cards were still in keeping with the Lenormand and Nicky would keep tabs to make sure that they were keeping in with tarot. Over the course of several months the deck took shape. Nicky, Rana and I would sit for whole afternoons and evenings hanging out, reading cards and going though the RWS deck for the elements that I needed. It was like a scavenger hunt for things. I would be in a chair editing things down forever and I would shout out ‘I need …..” and off they would go helping me find things. There were nights I was up late so excited because I figured out how to make something, or I would be frustrated because I still had the fox or bear left. Photoshop was my friend. EVERY line in the deck came from Pixie. The day the Fox the Bear and The Snake were done was the best day ever.

At first it was meant just as a project to share with them as I could sit and design the cards in the afternoon times that we were hanging out. Soon it grew into a thread online complete with its own creation story and then a limited edition run of 400 copies. The full tread on Aeclectic Tarot can be found here:


14 Comments Add yours

  1. Rana says:

    Those days are forever etched in my heart, your genius idea and skill have created a fabulous baby..I am proud and honored..
    Thank you for bringing Lenormand to a whole new audience and a whole new era 🙂

  2. Will you be reprinting the Pixie cards,as I seem to have missed the second edition . Thanks .

  3. Dr Zei says:

    It seems that evern the 2nd edition has been sold out already T_T.
    Have you got any deck left? I just wish to have it with Day of the Dead Lenormand.

  4. Transformative Tarot Counseling™ says:

    I love my mini Pixie’s Astonishing (Petite) Lenormand and carry it everywhere I go.

  5. meditatingmama333 says:

    Is there a way to get on the waiting list for the next printing?

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