Day of the Dead Lenormand.

Look for these to be ready for shipping June of 2012. Inspired by a trip to Isla Mujeres this deck is a joyful celebration of the style and tradition of the Day of the Dead.  The 36 cards are painted using soft pastels an vibrant colored backgrounds.

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  1. Chelsea says:

    Is there any way to get this deck still? I know that there were only a limited amount printed and it was about a year ago, but I am in love!

  2. Is this deck available anywhere? I know that only a limited amount of decks were made and that was about a year ago, but I’m in love!

  3. Teresa says:

    Estoy interesada en comprar varios juegos de cartas, ¿Cómo lo hago?

  4. What a beautiful and inspiring deck of cards. The vibrant colors and creative imaging really make this one stick out! The essence of the tradition of Dia de los Muertos is very well captured. Inspiring.

    I wrote an article about this deck in my blog (in german):

  5. sylvialeeming says:

    Hi, are these cards available to purchase from your site? Not sure how active this site is, even though it appears that we can order from here. Many thanks, Sylvia

    1. They are still available and are in the store. I have 2 sets left before they are gone

      1. James says:

        Hi there, I want to buy these for my wife. I’m just wondering if you currently have any decks available and how I can buy one.

        Thank you,

  6. Christal Romero says:

    Hello is there any way I could get one of these? Really would like a deck!

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