Lessons from the Oracle 2: The Clover

Lessons from The Oracle Pixie Lenormand

PAM36_deck.indd     The Clover. On the surface this card is about as straight forward as it seems to get. A clover has traditionally been seen as a sign of good luck, and so it is here. Interestingly, the card was originally a three leaved clover and not the usual four leaved that is meant for good fortune. Regardless of the number of leaves both are meant to show a blessing coming into a persons life. It is the second card in the original deck and is still seen as neutral, for the most part, in the regular game play. It does say that if a player wanted to make the game more interesting that certain cards can be made to be an automatic forfeit and this is one of those cards. Interesting that a card that has a symbol for luck on it is given to fits of misfortune. Believe it or not this does make sense. I have found that the Clover is a card of quick but not sustaining luck.

Our card insert here is the 6 of diamonds. In the German card system this card’s parallel is the 6 of hawk bells. The suit of hawk bells was a suit given to the managing of money and windfalls of fortune. It’s inclusion here on the Clover is a good one. From this we can get a greater understanding of what the whole message the Clover is giving us. It’s telling us that while we are in a good financial place, this can be transitory, one cannot assume continued lucky streaks. Within the realm of traditional cartomancy this is a card with no regular conditions of pairings. What I mean by this is that usually cards will have a meaning but with a caveat if it is next to such and such card. An example could be that the the Ace of Hearts us usually a card about love and relationships unless it is near the 10 of clubs then it is about large sums of money. This gives us a clear path of understanding what it means.

Taking a look at what this card means in various readings we find out that they all fid within the concept of the Clover itself and it’s numbers. This is a fast working card being associated with the number 2, so the situation will happen in 2 days or for a longer reading it would be in the month of February, being the second month of the year. For work or money situations this card can be seen a great indication of a bonus or positive move. When looking at this card as a person, think of someone with a green thumb, or one that is lucky in money or life. An optimistic person with a cheery outlook on the world. Be careful though because they may be prone to quick mood changes, but they never will last that long. If the question is of a romantic nature, it would caution the querent against getting overly attached. This, as it’s changing nature will attest to, will be over in the blink of an eye. In looking at the body or health this would be a card of natural healing. Medicinal herbs and going the route of a naturopath would be indicated. Also this could stand for a persons good luck charm or special favorite thing if you are looking into doing a reading for a lost object. Looking at other cards around it will help to indicate where the lost object can be.

This is a good indication that worries and fears are unfounded and that things are 'turning around'
This is a good indication that worries and fears are unfounded and that things are ‘turning around’

Working in pairings, the Clover is about as easy as it can get. The rule of thumb is that it adds a good outcome when placed to the right of other cards. It can lesson the more negative aspects of cards before it. Using the prior card for example, if the Rider and Clover are pulled then the news the Rider brings will lead to a fortunate situation or a good outcome to your needs. If you are just pulling two cards the Rider and the Clover together would mean pretty much the same thing regardless of their order. Alternately, if the Clover and the Mice are pulled (the Mice, not a good card btw), would indicate the Mice would be seen as eating away at your good luck or a loss in finances. If they are placed Mice and Clover then the situation would be seen as more that the situation is not as dire, your doubts and fears are unwarranted and will be passing.

Here we can see that a fortunate situation is going bad. Luck is changing for the worse
Here we can see that a fortunate situation is going bad. Luck is changing for the worse

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