Exciting News on Decks and Life.

This was a card I created to show just what 2014 was to me.
This was a card I created to show just what 2014 was to me.

Settling down to a new mode of life these days. 2014 was a hectic year of change for me so I first off apologize for the rather sporadic posting .  2015 has been just as hectic and fluid, but it is a more stable fluidity that I’m enjoying if that makes any sense.  For those that may not know last year I was hit up the side of the head with a divorce. After 9 years the guy I bought a house with in 2008 and civil union-ed back in 2012 decided he wanted to date a younger guy from his work that was more into his interests and get a sleeve tattoo, which meant I was out. He got the house due to his income and at 39 years old I was left packing up the art supplies, massage table, tarot cards and cats off to find a new world, and I did.

It was a world that took me out to Boston then to France, then to Italy, then to England, then to Ireland, then to Salem and then back to Chicago and beyond. Life now is set to places unknown and I’m beginning to enjoy that. Through all this I was able to find a bit more of myself and what I find important in life. These days I have found a wonderful partner in crime who will be making appearances in the writings and photos from time to time as well as a kitty or two..or three.

Visiting the Rosetta Stone at the British Museum last year
Visiting the Rosetta Stone at the British Museum last year

In deck news Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand was picked up by US Games for publication! Believe me that was not a call I ever expected to get but when it came it was pretty … astounding. It’s wonderful that 5 years after the deck emerged it is being published by the same company that publishes Pam’s tarot deck. For this final version of the deck 6 of the cards have been completely redesigned and every card has been re-edited and remastered. It’s been 5 years since I really looked at the files and with new technology I was able to clean up and set the artwork even better then the first time. The deck will have a new LWB of basic lenormand instructions as well as info about where the images in the cards come from. I have seen the finished art for the set and am just thrilled about how it has turned out. I hope to be able to share the images with you guys very soon.

To go along with this a new series of posts will be going up on how I have chosen to read the cards over the years. These “Lessons From the Oracle” posts will hopefully be of use to those that either have a Pixie or find the new edition sitting in the bookshop near them. Feel free to ask questions and comment. I will do my best to get back to everyone quickly. For me the Lenormand is not a very uppity way of reading nor are the ways things are read completely set in stone. That is not to say that there are not some rules that are best observed and these posts are hopefully going to provide these in an easy fun way.

The other projects that I will be posting about soon will be about a tarot deck that I am starting to make and the research that I have been doing for it. More on this very soon.

The new art studio I sit and do studies of the old cards
The new art studio I sit and do studies of the old cards

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  1. D. D. Syrdal says:

    Congrats on the great news about the deck! I already have one of them, but would love a decent book on Lenormands. And best of luck on the personal front as well. Been there.

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