Day of the Dead Lenormand.. pt 2

The week has been a very full week, both with work and creatively. I have a big old blackboard in my work space and on are listed all the cards in the Lenormand. I’ve never been much a linear worker on a project like this. So I don’t start with The Rider and then move on the to Clover, I just kind if let the cards come as they will. Inspiration hits at strange times and several images have had their geniuses on the back of napkins and gratuity envelopes. When they are sketched out the images find their way onto the sketch pile of my desk and the card on the blackboard gets circled meaning that the initial sketch is done and is ready for painting. This week has seen a few cards reach closer to completion and a few done. One of them I was going to wait till the deck was in people’s hands for them to see, but I can’t. The Bear just came out this way, and for some reason he just makes me smile. The thing I did notice about the board today… I’ve gotten over the half way mark. Once the cards prepped are done then there are about 14-15 cards left.. Whew. 

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